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2 Drinks You Can Use To Color Your Hair At Home

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There are many different hair dyes you can use to color your hair: some permanent and some temporary. Here are instructions to tint your hair a different color by using coffee or Kool-Aid. Coffee Coffee beans have been around for centuries to create a natural caffeine-containing stimulant drink, but you can do more with brewed coffee than drink it. You can use organic roasted coffee beans to make a rich brown hair dye that can even color gray hair and is free of the chemicals that can be found in boxed hair dyes. According to the National Cancer Institute, there are over 5,000 different chemicals (some of them considered carcinogenic), found in conventional hair dyes. Coffee as a hair dye has an added benefit, as it has been found to help your hair’s health and stimulate follicle growth, and it won’t irritate your skin if you have sensitive skin. It is important that you use organic coffee beans when dying your hair so you can avoid the chemicals that are added to regular coffee beans. Make sure you get coffee beans that are a dark roast or espresso so you can get more of a darker color from the beans to help dye your hair. How to Use it First, grind up the beans, or if you are using pre-ground beans, add them to your coffee maker to brew two cups of extra-strong coffee. If you have longer hair, you may want to double the amount brewed to four cups. Let the brewed coffee cool, then place it in a plastic bowl. Prepare yourself for the coffee hair dye application. Be sure to put on an old shirt you don’t mind staining during the hair dye process, or lay an old towel over your shoulders to protect your shirt. Also, do the dying process in the bathroom in front of the mirror so you can see what you are doing. For every cup of coffee you use to dye your hair, add two tablespoons of hair conditioner and two tablespoons of fresh organic coffee grounds. Mix this up in the bowl and apply it onto your hair in small sections, as you would regular hair dye. It can be helpful to use a color hair dye applicator brush to smooth it into your hair and apply it onto each hair strand. Let this sit on your hair for one hour, then rinse it off in the shower without using shampoo. If you want, repeat this process until your hair reaches its desired rich-brown color. The color will slowly fade from your hair after each shampooing. Kool-Aid You may be familiar with making and drinking Kool-Aid, but you can also use it to dye your hair a wide variety of bright colors. Select the flavor of Kool-Aid according to the color you want to dye your hair. Make sure it is sugar-free Kool-Aid, as this colors your hair more darkly.  How to Use it Add one packet of Kool-Aid to a couple tablespoons of boiling water in a mug, then mix it with a spoon until the drink mix is combined. If you hair is longer, add additional packets of the same Kool-Aid flavor until you have enough to dye your hair. Then, add in a couple of squirts of your hair conditioner for...

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Inner Thigh Blackheads: Why Do You Have Them And How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

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If you have blackheads on your inner thighs, you may want to find a solution to your problem that won’t leave your skin red, bruised or infected. Blackheads are called black-headed comedones, or blocked skin pores. While much of the information provided on DIY sites can help you, some of the tips may cause more harm than good. Potentially harmful solutions, such as scraping off the outer layer of your skin or scrubbing your skin too much, may only aggravate your skin or push the blackheads deeper into your pores. Here’s more to know about blackheads in general, why you get them on your inner thighs and what you can do to get rid of them safely. Why Do You Get Blackheads on Your Inner Thighs? Black-headed comedones are forms of acne, or a condition that develops from clogged skin follicles. The blemishes occur when bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum, or the oil produced by your sebaceous glands, build up around your hair follicles. Blackheads appear dark because of the chemical reaction between air and the pigment melanin, which is found in your skin’s cells. The glands that make sebum attach directly to your hair follicles, which lie deep within your skin’s pores. Sebum isn’t normally bad for your skin. The oil protects your skin from dryness and keeps your hair follicles soft and healthy. Sebum only becomes a problem when your skin produces too much of it, especially on your inner thighs. When combined with certain factors, such as excess body fat, friction and sweat, your risk for blackheads may increase. Friction is caused when your inner thighs rub against each other when you walk, run or exercise. One of the most common signs of inner thigh friction is discoloration of the skin. Your skin may appear black, dark brown or tan, depending on your natural skin complexion. The friction can cause chafing between your thighs that allows bacteria to invade your pores and hair follicles. Being overweight might make the chafing and subsequent skin blemishes worse in some people. Your skin also contains sweat glands along with sebaceous glands. Excess sweat can mix with the contents of your pores and develop into black comedones and painful lumps. You might even develop a skin problem called hidradenitis suppurativa, which is a serious dermatology disease. Hidradenitis suppurativa creates a host of problems for you, including abscesses and deep skin tunnels that leak pus. You can take steps to treat your inner thigh blackheads with the right tips. How Do You Get Rid of Your Blackheads? To help get rid of your blackheads, or at least reduce their development, wear jeans, slacks or long shorts that fit comfortably, but not too tight or loose on your thighs. Loose clothing may actually make your skin problems worse. Also wear non-absorbent fabrics such as polyester instead of cotton. Although cotton absorbs moisture, it may not allow the moisture to dry up right away. Your thighs will stay damp instead of cool and dry.  Also, avoid scrubbing your inner thigh skin with harsh exfoliating soaps, creams and loofahs. These items are used to remove the outer layer of your skin so that new skin grows in its place. But the excessive scrubbing can leave your skin, pores and hair follicles vulnerable to bacteria. If you choose...

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Tips For Finding The Right Cocktail Dress For Your Shape

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From a workplace holiday party to a first date with the guy you hope will be the one, there are many occasions that call for the perfect cocktail dress. Unfortunately, if you’re like many women, you will spend hours in department store dressing rooms looking for a cocktail dress that flatters your figure. Don’t waste another minute slipping into another dress that makes you cringe or even cry. Here are a few tips to help you find a cocktail dress that will make your body look amazing: If You Have a Pear Shape According to Fit Desk Jockey, approximately 20 percent of all women have a pear shape, which means they have larger hips, a thinner waistline and a smaller chest. If you have a pear shape, it’s best to choose cocktail dresses that draw the eye up to your smaller waistline and shoulders, and away from your larger hips and thighs. For example, a little black halter dress will emphasize your shoulders and waistline. It will also make your body appear more triangular, which will make your hips and thighs appear thinner. A empire waistline is another option that will also draw the eye upwards. If you have a tiny waist, a cinched waistline is another great choice. Either one of these options will draw attention away from your problem areas. If You Have an Hourglass Shape If you’re blessed with an equally-balanced upper and lower body and a clearly defined waistline, you are the one of the lucky women with an hourglass shape. Traditionally, just about everything looks amazing on a woman with an hourglass shape, but there are options that will wow your co-workers, significant other or a potential boyfriend. For instance, a strapless or a one-shoulder fitted dress will draw attention to your amazing bustline. A wrap dress is another timeless option that can effortlessly transition from day to evening. Whatever cocktail dress you choose, make sure to stay away from dresses that end at the thickest part of your calves or thighs. These can make you look bigger than you really are. If You Have an Apple Shape A woman with an apple shape has narrower hips and wider shoulders. They also tend to have a larger chest, thinner hips and thighs and an undefined waistline. If you have an apple shape, look for a cocktail dress that give you the appearance of a waistline and provides balance between your larger top and thinner hips. A dress with a cinched waistline, a plunging neckline and a full skirt is a great option. The cinched waistline will provide you with more definition, while the plunging neckline and full skirt will make your upper and lower halves appear more balanced. Steer clear of fabrics that tend to cling to the body, such as satin and jersey, and large, bold prints. Instead, choose cocktail dresses made from cotton or a heavy-weight silk. If You Are Petite According to Bella Petite, if you are under 5 feet 5 inches tall, in the fashion world, you are considered petite. In addition to choosing cocktail dresses that draw attention to your assets, look for designs that make you appear taller. An asymmetrical hemline or a dress that is cut above the knee, such as those found at Mommy In Heels...

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A Stylist’s Guide To Working With Toddlers And Teenagers

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Becoming an amazing stylist is about more than graduating from aesthetic school and making sure your clients walk out of the salon looking fabulous. It’s also about managing the clients that won’t always be appreciative and happy about your work. In many cases, you will encounter customers who are unruly, unwilling to compromise or simply won’t sit still in your chair. Dealing with toddlers and teenagers can be tricky, but remember, you are a professional and have trained for these sticky situations. Here are a few tips on how to keep your most demanding clients, namely toddlers and teenagers, happy: Dealing With Uncooperative Toddlers You’ve purchased a few lollipops and a brightly-colored smock in preparation for dealing with your younger clients. However, despite your best efforts to remain cordial and upbeat, especially to the frustrated or embarrassed parent, chances are many toddlers who sit in your chair won’t be happy to be there. Luckily, there are a few simple ways for you to keep the toddler still – and the parents happy: Ask The Right Questions While Making the Appointment – While you’re making the appointment, ask the parent a few questions to determine the best course of action. For example, inquire if this is the toddler’s first salon experience, and if anything helped calm them down in the past. Also ask if the appointment is during the toddler’s regular nap time. If so, encourage the parent to reschedule the appointment for a time when the toddler is fed and well rested. Take The Toddler On a Tour of the Salon – Debby Parker, owner of the Tipperary Salon in Beverly Hills, recommends taking any apprehensive toddlers on a tour of the salon. Introduce them to the other stylists, and point out that all the other customers are getting their hair cut, and that it doesn’t hurt. Keep the Parents Involved – Insist the parents stay at their toddler’s side the entire time. Whenever things get hairy, ask the parent to step in to discipline or comfort the toddler. Remember it isn’t your job to yell or provide comforting hugs. Know When To Say When – Finally, if the toddler is completely uncooperative, and you can sense the parents are getting upset or frustrated, calmly suggest trying again. Ask the parent to reschedule the appointment, and suggest next time, the toddler is well fed and well rested. Teenagers Aren’t Just Bossy and Uncooperative At Home Toddlers can be tricky, but sometimes, their older siblings can be even worse. Teenagers are notoriously picky, and there will be times when your professionalism will be pushed to its limits.  One issue you might face is a teenager who walked into the salon expecting a certain look, and unfortunately, they weren’t satisfied with the results. In this instance, remember you’re the adult and it’s important to stay calm. If the teen’s parent is a client, ask them to intervene, and don’t be afraid to offer a partial refund. Another problem you might face is a teenager with unrealistic expectations, and a budget that won’t allow them to achieve the look they’re after. In this case, pull out a few books and magazines and work with the teen to find a look that works with their coloring and features. Steer clear of celebrity photos...

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5 Reasons To Let Elvis Take Care Of The Details

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At some point during wedding planning, most couples joke about how much easier it would be to just elope, and even if modern couples are not calling it eloping, destination weddings and quick, private ceremonies are becoming more desirable as the cost of weddings and the number of couples paying for their own wedding rises. Whether you have just gotten engaged or have been engaged for some time but not nailed down a date, here are five reasons to throw a destination wedding in an exciting city like Las Vegas and let an experienced wedding chapel take care of the details.  Be A Guest At Your Own Wedding  If you throw a large wedding, you should be prepared to act as a host to many out of town guests while making last minute details fall into place. Even if you are working with a wedding planner, there are many tasks you will have to take on yourself, either because you want them completed a specific way or you need to save a bit of money. If you use a destination wedding chapel, the arrangements are already made. From fresh flowers to your dress, you can have your wedding to go in a matter of hours. You simply have to show up an enjoy the ceremony and the company of your sweetheart. This allows you to really enjoy the process of getting ready and saying your vows.  Avoid Most Engagement Fights  Planning a wedding is stressful and can cause many arguments between you and your significant other. While some people argue that this gives you insight to how life with your partner will be and practice communicating and compromising, there are other, funner ways to make sure you are ready for marriage. A brief bout of marriage counseling or adventuresome dates can also increase your skills as a couple. Use Your Engagement to Plan Your Marriage Instead of Your Wedding  Modern eloping doesn’t necessarily mean you must get married immediately or without telling anyone. You can still have a short engagement period. However, since you do not have to deal with venues and photographers, you can spend that time finding an apartment together and merging your finances. You will be ready for real life as soon as you return from your honeymoon.  Reduce the Cost of Your Wedding  The American wedding has recently become a truly extravagant affair with a price tag that puts it out of reach for most couples. Many couples either take on a lot of DIY tasks that put unnecessary stress on them or go into debt to achieve the perfect wedding. A simple wedding at a chapel with a high turnover can greatly reduce the overall cost of your wedding while still allowing you to have many of the traditional extras that make the day special.  You Can Spend More Time With Your Close Friends and Family  You do not have to run away with just your significant other when you get married in Vegas. Instead, you can bring your closest family members and friends. The small group will allow you to spend quality time with everyone, and not having to worry about wedding arrangements will let you have fun together. If you want to invite more people to your wedding, you can broadcast your...

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