5 Reasons To Let Elvis Take Care Of The Details

At some point during wedding planning, most couples joke about how much easier it would be to just elope, and even if modern couples are not calling it eloping, destination weddings and quick, private ceremonies are becoming more desirable as the cost of weddings and the number of couples paying for their own wedding rises. Whether you have just gotten engaged or have been engaged for some time but not nailed down a date, here are five reasons to throw a destination wedding in an exciting city like Las Vegas and let an experienced wedding chapel take care of the details. 

Be A Guest At Your Own Wedding 

If you throw a large wedding, you should be prepared to act as a host to many out of town guests while making last minute details fall into place. Even if you are working with a wedding planner, there are many tasks you will have to take on yourself, either because you want them completed a specific way or you need to save a bit of money. If you use a destination wedding chapel, the arrangements are already made. From fresh flowers to your dress, you can have your wedding to go in a matter of hours. You simply have to show up an enjoy the ceremony and the company of your sweetheart. This allows you to really enjoy the process of getting ready and saying your vows. 

Avoid Most Engagement Fights 

Planning a wedding is stressful and can cause many arguments between you and your significant other. While some people argue that this gives you insight to how life with your partner will be and practice communicating and compromising, there are other, funner ways to make sure you are ready for marriage. A brief bout of marriage counseling or adventuresome dates can also increase your skills as a couple.

Use Your Engagement to Plan Your Marriage Instead of Your Wedding 

Modern eloping doesn't necessarily mean you must get married immediately or without telling anyone. You can still have a short engagement period. However, since you do not have to deal with venues and photographers, you can spend that time finding an apartment together and merging your finances. You will be ready for real life as soon as you return from your honeymoon. 

Reduce the Cost of Your Wedding 

The American wedding has recently become a truly extravagant affair with a price tag that puts it out of reach for most couples. Many couples either take on a lot of DIY tasks that put unnecessary stress on them or go into debt to achieve the perfect wedding. A simple wedding at a chapel with a high turnover can greatly reduce the overall cost of your wedding while still allowing you to have many of the traditional extras that make the day special. 

You Can Spend More Time With Your Close Friends and Family 

You do not have to run away with just your significant other when you get married in Vegas. Instead, you can bring your closest family members and friends. The small group will allow you to spend quality time with everyone, and not having to worry about wedding arrangements will let you have fun together. If you want to invite more people to your wedding, you can broadcast your ceremony over the internet and have a casual reception when you return home. 

Letting Elvis take care of your wedding details creates the opportunity for a fun, stress-free weekend getaway for you and your significant other. You will come away with memories and stories that will last as long as your marriage. Thanks for reading this post!