Getting Colored Tattoos: 3 Tips To Prevent The Color From Fading Due To Melanin Production

Colored tattoos are much more susceptible to fading over time. This can significantly affect the overall aesthetics of the tattoos and cause them to need to be recolored. While there are many causes for discoloration, natural melanin production by the body plays a large role. When your body produces melanin, the melanin travels to the skin above the tattoos and can then partially or completely obscure the tattoo pigmentation. To prevent this from happening, consider and implement the following 3 tips after getting your tattoo at the tattoo parlor.

Avoid Tanning and Spending Time in the Sun

Melanin is naturally produced by your body when you expose it to the sun in an attempt to protect your body from UV rays. It's basically like sunscreen, and all that you need to do to increase melanin production is to simply go tanning or spend some time in the sun. While you'll get that beautiful sun-kissed glow on your skin, your tattoo will fade a lot quicker. If you want your colored tattoos to last as long as possible, try to spend more time indoors and to avoid tanning altogether.

Use and Apply Sunscreen Religiously

The production of melanin is triggered by exposure to UV rays from the sun. This means that your body is constantly producing melanin regardless of the weather and regardless of the amount of time you spend in the sun. To protect your skin from the sun's UV rays, apply sunscreen religiously even during the winter. The active ingredients in the sunscreen will basically acts like a barrier between your skin and the UV rays. Not only will this prevent your colored tattoos from fading, but it will also keep your skin from aging.

Apply Melanocyte Inhibitors to Block Melanin Production

If you want to take it one step further, apply skin whitening lotions and creams that are made with melanocyte inhibitors on the tattooed areas. These lotions and creams are designed to whiten the skin; however, if you use it sparingly and only on the tattooed areas, you won't have to worry about becoming as pale as a ghost. There are various different kinds of skin whiteners. Make sure that you only use ones that rely on melanocyte inhibitors, as these active ingredients help to block melanin production entirely.


No one really knows just how long a colored tattoo will last. This will depend on the quality of the tattoo ink and the ingredients that it is composed of. It will also depend on how careful you are in maintaining and caring for the tattoos. Preventing melanin production can help keep your colored tattoos looking pristine and bold.