Want To Teach Cosmetology? 3 Things To Consider

Cosmetology is a varied and exciting field that encompasses hair styling, nail care, skin care, and makeup. Making their clients look and feel beautiful is one of the benefits of being a cosmetologist. For those who want to share their skills and to help other people learn their trade, teaching is a great option. However, it often requires more than just being proficient to be accepted as a cosmetology teacher. Here are three things that those who are looking to teach cosmetology should consider:

State Requirements

The requirements to be a teacher of cosmetology can vary greatly from state to state and school to school. Some states may simply require a certain time spent working in the cosmetology field as a professional. Other states require hours of teacher training for cosmetology that incorporates topics such as lesson planning, course development, teaching aids, technology, state laws and regulations, and much more. At least 17 states require both work experience and additional instructor training to become a teacher. Before becoming a cosmetology teacher, it's important to consider state requirements and to factor in the time it can take to become a qualified instructor.


Another thing to consider when it comes to teaching cosmetology is salary. The median annual wage of a vocational teacher is around $49,470. How much an individual makes is highly dependent on where they work and how many hours a week they teach. For some professionals, working as a cosmetology teacher can actually end up being a pay cut while for other professionals it can lead to more money in their pockets. Potential salary is something to consider carefully before making the switch to being a teacher full time. Some professionals decide to keep their everyday jobs and teach part time. 

Time Commitment

Another thing to consider when on the path toward becoming a cosmetology instructor is the time commitment that it will take. For in demand cosmetologists, it may be difficult to find the time to meet the requirements necessary for becoming a teacher. Teacher training for cosmetology often requires around 1,000 hours of training and classroom education. Going through this process may require scaling back other professional duties. The economic impact must also be considered. Spending time on training may end up reducing income making potential for some professionals.

Teaching cosmetology is a great way for experienced professionals to impart their skills to future cosmetologists. However, there are a few things to consider before becoming a cosmetology teacher. First, it's important to be up to speed on state requirements for teaching. More training and years of experience are often required before stepping foot in a classroom. Potential salary is also something to consider. For some, a teacher's salary is more than sufficient, while others may find it's a pay cut. Becoming a certified cosmetology teacher also requires a big time commitment. This should be considered carefully before making a decision. 

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