Czech Glass Files: What To Know

At a nail show or in a salon, a beautiful glass file might have caught your eye. The piece you saw was likely a Czech nail file; they're more attractive than the average nail file, and if you want them for yourself or as gifts, you'll probably get a fantastic online deal. However, before purchasing some of these files online, ask these questions of the files you see:

What Kind of Glass is Used?

One thing you don't expect to worry about is the quality of the glass but beware. Some companies offer cheaply-made plain glass files that won't look or feel the way that an authentic piece does. Real Czech files are created with chemically-treated, tempered glass. This makes them smooth enough that your nail fibers remain intact in spite of filing movements. If you're not certain that you're getting real Czech files, when a piece arrives, use a coin and scrape the file surface. If it's a fake, the frost paint used will scrape off, and you'll see plain glass.

Do the Files Have Patent Numbers?

Fakes attempt to mimic the appearance of real Czech files, so many of them have shiny stickers on them to give the impression that they're authentic. Real ones will generally have stickers with holographic qualities and a specific patent number. Before you purchase one file, ask about the patent number to get a clue about authenticity. If none is provided, be wary of the brand.

What Do Edges Look Like?

Rectangular edges are often a sure giveaway that you're seeing fake Czech files. Real pieces are always rounded so that handling is easier and the pieces look better. Rectangular pieces of glass are a sign you're looking at fakes.

How Thick are They?

Of course, you'll need file edges to reach beneath the nails. However, avoid files that seem to be less than even one millimeter in thickness. They can break during use.

Are They Painted?

Painted nail files are among the most beautiful Czech pieces. Look beyond the clear files for pieces that are painted at the broad edges. Many files are painted one color, but there are some pieces that have more than one color; some even have multiple paint colors to create a true art scene.

Buying Czech nail files online is successfully done by continuing to ask these questions at every site you visit. Contact a vendor like Snazzy Creations for the answers if you're unable to find them immediately so that the orders you place aren't regretted.