2 Tips For Preparing Your Underarms For A Smoother DIY Waxing

If you have decided to try waxing your underarms at home, you may be uncertain as to how to prepare your skin for the process to ensure a smoother, painless application. If so, use the following tips for preparing your underarms before using a home waxing kit.

Go Without Shaving for a Few Days

For the at-home waxing application to be successful, the wax needs to have something on which to grab. If you try to wax your underarms while the hairs are short, the wax will only be able to hold on to the ends. As a result, you will end up either pulling out hair randomly or removing them only partially. Because the hairs are not fully pulled out, you may have a painful experience.

Before you attempt to wax your underarms, let the hair grow out for a few days, up to a week. The growth time you personally need will depend on how long it takes for your hair to grow. Once your hair has grown to at least from a quarter to half of an inch, you should have enough hair for the wax to remove all of it with one application.

Wash and Thoroughly Dry Your Underarms

Once your hair is long enough, make sure your underarms are fully washed and thoroughly dried. If you attempt to wax when the skin and hairs are dirty or sweaty, the wax will not have a clean surface on which to grip. If the area is not clean, parts of the wax will not grab hold of the hairs, making their removal uneven.

Another problem with waxing dirty underarms is the increased risk of infection. If bacteria have started to grow and feed on the sweat in the dark areas of your underarms, they could migrate into the newly exposed hair follicles and cause them to become infected.

Right before you wax, wash your underarms with an antibacterial soap. Pat your skin with a clean towel, then let the areas air dry for a few minutes to ensure they are completely free from moisture.

Using the above tips to prepare your underarms for waxing at home can help increase your chances of a smoother process. If you have any further questions on how to prepare your skin, ask a representative at the beauty supply store that offers waxing kits for sale for more tips on waxing your underarms, as well as other areas on your body.