At-Home Salon Equipment

If you are one of the many people who have graduated from a certified cosmetology school, you may wonder how to go about starting your own at-home hair salon. If you have an extra room in your home, this could be a wonderful way to go about making some money, as well as practicing and perfecting your own skills. There are many perks to creating your own salon, including being your own boss, working when you want to, and being able to offer specific services. One of the challenges of owning a salon is getting the equipment you need. Salon equipment can come new or used, and newer models are usually extremely energy efficient. Here are a few things you may need in order to get your own at-home salon started. 


The chair you choose for your salon is a big deal. This will set the comfort level for your patients, along with either making the haircut easier or harder. Even if your client only asks for a simple trim, a chair that does not swivel, rise, or lower could make it so that either you or your client ends up in some odd positions. For example, if they have extremely long hair, you will likely end up in a crouch, while they are craning their neck as hard as possible. This awkward situation could have been avoided with a better chair. 

Washing System

Many professional salons offer a washing system where the client sits in a reclined chair attached to a sink so that the cosmetologist can do their work. However, in an at-home salon, you could use a mobile sink, or you could get your own reclined washing system. The washing system you choose will make the overall experience better or worse for your client. 

Drying System

A drying system is slightly less important, but only if you decide not to do hair coloring. If that is a service you will offer, the drying system is crucial for the lightening of the hair. There are portable hooded dryers that you can purchase, which will eliminate the need for an entire drying system with a chair and hood. 

In conclusion, there are many different choices and options for which type of equipment you will use in your salon. Usually, salons that are just starting out come from meager beginnings, offering specials to clients that can forgo the luxuries of more established salons. However, once you develop a clientele, you should be able to afford the salon equipment of your dreams. Contact a company that sells salon equipment to learn more.